I am currently a junior in the industrial design program at SJSU. Next year I will be the vice chair of the IDSA student chapter on campus, something that I am looking forward to very much. I began college as a mechanical engineer but found it restricting, so I switched majors to industrial design. I think the most satisfying part of the field is the problem solving; coming up with that clever solution after working restraints out.

I have been working for a small company called New Source Technology and have held a number of different positions simultaneously. I have learned the inner workings of the company and work with all of the different departments on a regular basis. Being a versatile component of the company, communication is key in my role. I only work part time at the moment, but have been asked to come in as often as possible when my school schedule permits.

I am a very organized and reliable person that strives to find balance. I balance my school, work, and leisure time and set my priorities. No matter how much work I have, I will always find a way to do something active whether it be swimming, biking, or just going to the gym. I believe that a well balanced life leads to the best creativity. My designs reflect this view. Industrial design to me is about the balance between restraints, and finding that perfect mixture to create a successful product.

Tad Osada
Industrial Designer